Viva la Zarzuela! Hey… What is Zarzuela, really?

Master Classes and Gala Zarzuela Concert

in partnership with Florida International University School of Music

In December of 2015, Opera Fusion and the FIU School of Music presented “Viva la Zarzuela.”



Which is the correct statement? 

Zarzuela is a type of Latin American:

a) musical comedy / vaudeville / operetta as highlighted and chronicled in 1947 by Albert Einstein’s musicologist cousin, Alfred Einstein.  It commonly features both spoken and sung portions and often features traditional working class characters.

b) savory seafood dish originally native to Catalonian region of Spain (the area including Barcelona).  The dish  may contain monkfish, mussels, shrimp, and many other types of seafood along with ground almonds, chorizo, and lots of garlic.

(Scroll past the picture for the answer….) 


Viva la Zarzuela: Opera Fusion with Florida International University
Viva la Zarzuela: Opera Fusion with Florida International University

Answer:  If you guessed “both”  you are correct!

Zarzuela lends its name to both the seafood dish, and this effervescently cheerful and entertaining musical form, which borrows its name from the old Spanish opera “La Zarzuela.”

We were proud to partner with FIU to explore the musical variety.  Placido Domingo and Monserrat Caballe are both quite well known as contemporary artists who have further refined this uniquely Spanish musical art form.

But in case you’re epicurean-curious, here is one one authentic recipe and another: Plato de pescados y mariscos.  (Try Google Translate if you need it!)

If you love this distinctly refreshing Spanish music, you are sure to enjoy the fresh contemporary moments of our new classic musical drama:  Not In My Town, by local composer Michael Ross.   This operatic premiere will feature many of the same wonderfully talented singers as performed in this memorable Florida International University concert.

L to R Dr. Xavier Garcia, board president Opera Fusion, Honoree, Pili de la Rosa, Dr. Vindhya Khare, FIU Music Faculty and the Consul General of Spain, Candido Creis
Soprano Laura Martinez Leon, first place, the Pili de la Rosa Award, for her performance of “Me llaman la primarosa” from “El Barbero de Sevilla” by Jerónimo Giménez and Miguel Nieto
Soprano Yetzabel Arias Fernandez, second place, the Renee Greenberg Award, for her performance of “La Petenera” from “La Marchenera” by F. Moreno Torroba.
Tenor Edgar Miguel Abréu, third place, the Dr. Xavier Garcia Award, for his performance of “No puede ser” from “La tabernera del puerto” by Pablo Sorozábal.
Soprano Claudia Giugni, age 16, honorable mention, for her performance of “Noche hermosa” from “Katiuska” by Pablo Sorozábal


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