Not In My Town Cast bow- the Matthew Shepard Musical

Company Bow of the Not In My Town cast

The entire Not In My Town cast takes its bow on June 17th 2016 at Sunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Not In My Town Cast | Company Bow | Town Cast
The Not In My Town cast takes a company bow after a preview performance of selected scenes with orchestra on June 17th 2016.


As a music drama,  Not In My Town demands a great deal of the actors and their voices.    These performances demand dramatic intensity and acting power of musical theater’s best actors,  with the vocally demanding and soaring musical lines as written by operatic composer Michael Ross.

This musical’s company sends a powerful message of anti-hate and tolerance.  The ‘Not In My Town’ cast will move you with their compelling performances.  While rooted in Matthew’s senseless tragic death, the cast’s message is ultimately one of tolerance, acceptance and love.

Today, Matthew Shepard’s story is more especially relevant than ever, as it shows how we can harness our strong emotions & grief to make a better world for the future.     Perhaps you will never see a live musical performance as riveting and inspirational as Not In My Town.  

The preview cast performed in these early performances, but you can see a variety of excellent local talent cast into the challenging and emotional roles of the musical drama, Not In My Town, at the upcoming premieres:


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