On October 26, 2018 as a special Halloween treat, Opera Fusion presented Gian Carlo’s haunting tale THE MEDIUM at the Sunshine Cathedral under the musical direction of Gordon Roberts, stage direction of Ardean Landuis, and featured our own Birgit Fioravante as Madame Flora.  Here are a few production photos and the post-performance party.

photos courtesy of Chris@xt_myway  and OutClique Magazine

Birgit Fioravante as Madame Flora
Matthew Bischoff (Mr. Gobineau), Birgit Fioravante (Madame Flora), Sandra Marante (Mrs. Gobineau), Shanna Nolan Gundry (Mrs. Nolan)
A “ghost” appears at the seance
Madame Flora gets a scare at the seance
Birgit Fioravante (Madame Flora) and Kyaunnee Richardson (Monica) sing “Black Swan”


Brayan Quevedo (Toby) and Kyaunnee Richardson (Monica)
Madame Flora accuses Toby of scaring her at the seance
Madame Flora believes she killed the ghost that was haunting her

























Madame Flora questions whether it was a ghost or Toby she killed













And some pictures from the reception after the performance