My Opera BootCamp: co-create opportunities for gifted local singers

Emerging Artist Project: My Opera Fusion Bootcamp

August 2015, Davie, Florida 

My Opera Fusion Boot Camp: August 30, 2015 – August 31, 2015, University Center for the Performing Arts 2240 SW 70th Ave, Unit A, Davie, Florida 33317   with Heather McLeod, Kyaunnee Richardson, Amber-Rose Romero, Ravenna Maer, Cory Lachtara, Christina Z. Overton, Erika Vasallo, Claudia Giugni, Xavier Garcia, Edgar Miguel Abréu, Lloyd Reshard Jr., Roan Smith, Darren Littman, Thompson Magalhaes, Sergio Puig, Dean Peterson.


Dean Peterson, Director & Sergio Puig, Musical Director

My Opera Fusion Bootcamp
Photo Credit: Frances Suzanne Hindle
My Opera Fusion Bootcamp
Photo Credit: Frances Suzanne Hindle
My Opera Bootcamp Opera Fusion
Photo Credit: Frances Suzanne Hindle
Photo Credit: Frances Suzanne Hindle
My Opera Fusion Bootcamp
Photo Credit: Frances Suzanne Hindle

Why is the My Opera Fusion Bootcamp so important?

My Opera Fusion Bootcamp helps local vocal musicians to refine their artistry, nurture personal and professional relationships, and have a chance to shine: cultivating local audiences for their talents.

Here is a profile of just how much music and the My Opera Fusion Bootcamp matter to our tremendously talented Florida vocalists.

For Opera Singers, Performing is an All-consuming Passion

It was a cold and cloudy day in 2005, and Lloyd Reshard Jr.’s Marine Corps unit had just finished a hard day of training at Camp Lejeune. N.C.

To boost morale, Reshard — who was a University of Miami music student as well as a Marine — burst out singing Time to Say Goodbyeby Andrea Bochelli.

That’s when he knew for sure that his career would be as a singer.

“We were all depressed, miserable and unhappy,” Reshard said. “So I started to sing and you could see their facial expressions changing. That was when I realized that my purpose in life was to sing.”

Reshard, 29, grew up in Niceville, near Pensacola, but moved to Miami in 2001 to pursue a career in music at University of Miami.

He joined the Marine Corps at the same time as he started college, and remained in the service through 2009. But his passion lies in music.

“I refer to that day after training in North Carolina as the turning point in my life because I found music again,” he said.

Reshard is performing his sixth season with the Florida Grand Opera for and will be participating in Verdi’s La Traviata as a professional chorister from April 20 through May 5 at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami.

And like him, there are many singers in South Florida whose lives have been changed by music:

Megan Barrera, 25, is an opera singer from Miami, whose fondest dream has been to become a world-renowned soprano.

But passion is not the only force these singers have because persistence also plays a key role.

In 2011, Sandra Marante, 26, faced a situation where her dream of becoming a singer was at risk of never becoming a reality.

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By Jeronimo Boza

March 20, 2014