FORT LAUDERDALE Opera’s Duelling Divas

September 2015, Fort Lauderdale Opera at Sunshine Cathedral and FAU in Boca Raton

Fort Lauderdale opera has never been this much fun!

Grand opera sparkles in the finest comedic tradition when Baroness  Vladka Titzengrabben and her long-suffering accompanist, Paige Turner are joined by some seriously talented south Florida opera singers with big voices, including:   Opera Fusion’s Birgit Djupedal Fioravante, Florida Grand Opera’s Laura Martinez Leon and Florida Atlantic University’s Heather Coltman (accompanist).

The story goes like this: the Baroness and Paige introduce a new backup singer, the recently arrived Margarita Cerveza Tequila. The performances were at the Sunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale and the University Theatre on the campus of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.

SOUTH FLORIDA Opera \ \ duelling divas
South Florida Opera star, Baroness Vladka Titzengrabben with Paige Turner and Miss Tequila.


south florida opera lightning strikes twice at opera fusion
Iconic south florida opera valkerie Birgit Fioravante attracts lightning in this classic ensemble





OnTheFloorsmall LIGHTSABRE bloody duelling divas fort lauderdale opera
Fort Lauderdale opera Duelling Divas: The voice can be used as a weapon!

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Fort Lauderdale Opera Duelling Divas mugging for the camera backstage.
The campiest Fort Lauderdale Opera divas ham it up backstage.