About Opera Fusion: Our Mission and Vision

Who We Are, What We Do & How We Do It


—To build new audiences for, and to introduce new generations to, the operatic art form;

—To create enlightening musical and theatrical events using the beauty, emotional quality, and expressiveness of the human voice with productions that are fresh and economically feasible; and

—To create opportunities for gifted local singers.

We believe the time is right for a fresh and lighter approach to opera and operatic presentations;

We’ve assembled an outstanding group of singers, musicians and business people to kick off this exciting new opera company, Opera Fusion Florida.

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The brilliant full cast of singers performs “Make Our Garden Grow” as the finale of Opera Fusion Florida’s gala preview concert on June 17th 2016


The reasons for opera’s struggles are complex. Audiences have been dwindling for years and the donor base has been hit hard year after year. Opera is seen by many as an elitist art form, and many people don’t understand exactly what it is. Some people may think opera is becoming less and less relevant – a sad state of affairs for one of the oldest of performing arts and the foundation upon which musical theatre was created.

As operatic and classical artists, we at Opera Fusion Florida look at what has been happening with opera locally, regionally and nationally. We believe that some good, old-fashioned American ingenuity starting at the local level can help turn the tide. Witness the enormous TV-watching audience for vocal music like American Idol and Glee as well as church, temple, and community choirs, even karaoke singing. Yet despite our song-loving mass culture, we emphatically believe that far too many people are missing out on the richest, most exciting, well-rounded, immersive, exotic form of vocal music in existence. We plan to change this by exposing the public to an exciting, inviting, un-stuffy, innovative and relevant presentations.

A rich cultural life can be one of a community’s greatest achievements – we benefit as individuals. As a society we are lifted up when all citizens of a community can readily encounter art in all its diversity.

At Opera Fusion, our mission is to spread some of that art around.


Opera Fusion Florida  is working to present opera as the dynamo of the performing arts that it truly is – a story line put to wonderful music that rolls everything into one lively, fantastic theatrical experience.

Yes, it is an expensive art form, but it does not have to be. In The New York Times, Huffington Post and Opera News as well as the opera blogs, there have been many articles about smaller, leaner companies cropping up all over the country as the bigger ones close, looking for new audiences and cutting the fat. We believe we are pioneering this model in South Florida.

Opera has every reason to be more relevant than ever if it is freshly presented, and approachable. By focusing more on excellent singing, using the best local singers – and we have an excellent pool of talent here in South Florida – by including great drama and effective productions that are economical to produce, we will reach and impact more audiences.

We want to welcome new audiences, make them curious and change the perceptions of opera as being elitist. Public areas, parks, small community theaters, churches, temples, schools, and even warehouses, will be our stage.

Schools and Getting Opera to the People

Every member of our artistic team has spent time in schools teaching and performing, bringing the love of great music to the next generation. We all see an urgent need to bring opera in an attractive form to young people. The comedic operatic revue Duelling Divas, created by one of our founders and performed throughout the country in many smaller performing arts centers has been a huge success. It was also presented in many schools from elementary to college-level and was invariably a hit with students, who, regardless of age or grade level, responded enthusiastically to the over-the-top characters, beautiful music and rich voices.

We also want to attract adults who may never have experienced opera to our art form. Our tickets are affordable, more in line with a casual dining experience. We will perform in public places and make operatic spectacles of ourselves, handing out invitations much the way an effective politician might seek office. We like to call it ‘Pop-up Opera,’ in other words, a grass-roots campaign.

Small and lean opera companies are cropping up all over the country, with productions often in unusual spaces, successfully looking for new audiences, while cutting the excess.   Opera Fusion is pioneering this model in South Florida.

By focusing more on excellent singing, using the best local singers, by including great storytelling, and using smaller, yet effective productions that can travel light, we will reach, move, and convince more people that yes, opera is right “up their alley”  in every sense!  We want to welcome new audiences, make them curious, and unstuff the stuffiness.

Thank you for your interest in Opera Fusion! Please contact us for more information…